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Trilogy Healthcare Group, Inc. can help you receive the Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement your facility is entitled to.


Trilogy Healthcare Group, Inc. is here to help you receive the reimbursement your facility is due.

Below is a list of services Trilogy Healthcare Group, Inc. can provide.

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Cost Report Preparation
By outsourcing cost report preparation to the specialists at Trilogy Healthcare Group, Inc. you can free up time and be confident that your facility is receiving the reimbursement it is entitled to.

Cost Report Review
We will review cost reports prepared to ensure they meet CMS and Medicaid regulatory reporting requirements and are in compliance with all Medicare and Medicaid rules and regulations -- providing you with confidence in attesting to the accuracy of the cost report.

Cost Report Reopenings and Appeals
Your facility will benefit from our extensive knowledge of Medicare and Medicaid regulations and rulings and from our excellent working relationships with the fiscal intermediaries and CMS.

Medicare Regulation Research
You will benefit from our ongoing review of regulations, relationships with fiscal intermediaries, and experience assisting multiple facilities across the country. We can make inquiries on your behalf while maintaining your anonymity.

Medicare Regulation Impact Analysis
We can assist you in performing financial impact analysis related to proposed and final Medicare regulations. You will receive information to assist you in fully understanding proposed regulations -- allowing you to proactively plan for changes once regulations are final.

Medicare Bad Debt Log Preparation
From development of policies and procedures, to preparation of the Bad Debt Log, through audit -- and if necessary appeal preparation -- Trilogy Healthcare Group, Inc. will handle all aspects of your hospital's Medicare bad debt process, allowing your staff to focus on their core responsibilities and giving you the confidence that your facility is receiving the reimbursement for bad debt it is entitled to.

Reimbursement Training
Training components include preparation of a cost report, use of cost report software, how current regulations relate to cost report filings, and procedures required to file a cost report with the fiscal intermediary.

Interim Reimbursement Personnel
If you are having difficulty recruiting qualified reimbursement staff, we can provide interim reimbursement personnel or we can manage your reimbursement function through an outsource arrangement.





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